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Welcome X AFI "Sing The Sorrow" 20th Anniversary Collection

Welcome is proud to announce our official AFI capsule collection, celebrating the 20th anniversary of their iconic and genre-defying album “Sing the Sorrow”. A deck, two tees, and a hoodie are adorned with archival imagery pulled directly from the original album art and press photos of the STS era.

A note from our Creative Director, Shane Cox: “It’s difficult to express how special and surreal this project is to me. The impact and influence AFI, and “Sing the Sorrow” in particular, have had on me is impossible to overstate. It was THE ONE for me. The album that I obsessed over. I spent countless hours on the Despair Faction message board dissecting it’s lyrics with other fans. I painted my bedroom red and covered my walls with AFI posters. One of my first tattoos is of art from this album. I met my wife because of this album. I know that it’s equally important to so many people all over the world, and I’m truly honored and grateful to have had the opportunity to celebrate it with this collaboration all these years later. My 17 year old self is losing his mind.”
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