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Welcome Playlist No. 9 by Ryan Reyes

1. STRFKR: “Khalil Gibran” - This is a delightful song prefect for a delightful afternoon :) STRFKR rules.
2. Elita: “Introverted” - Relatable lyrics and a catchy melody. I’ve had this one on loop lately. 
3. When in Rome: “The Promise” - I first heard this song in Napoleon dynamite. Loved it ever since.
4. Spiritualized: “Soul on Fire” - Is romantic love an addiction? Maybe? Are all addictions bad..? Who’s to say?
5. Kurt Vile: “Waking on a Pretty Day” - This song makes me wanna zorch out in the sun and doodle. 
6. Health: “Life” - The honesty of this song hits my soft spot every time. Reminds me that we’re floating in space and have no idea what’s going on. Weeeeeee! 
7. MMOTHS: “Heart” - Found this song on myspace back in the day. Apparently Romantic lyrics and Haunting vocals make my ears happy. :)
8. Girl in Red: “I Need to Be Alone” - Sometimes it be like that. 
9. Dan Deacon: “Feel the Lighting” - I always felt this was an underappreciated Dan Deacon song. Someone should skate to it. 
10. Angie McMahon: “Total Eclipse Of The Heart” - The way I see it! An eclipsed heart means a bright future. It’s like a fire… it can burn you to death or cook your food. Depends on what you do with it. 
11. Rilo Kiley: “A Better Son/Daughter” - This one’s borderline a self-help song. I like to play it really loud in the mornings. Can’t stop the waves! Just gotta learn to surf ‘em ;)
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