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Welcome Playlist No. 8 by Filthypond

  1. Wastee Monroe: “Houdni” – “They told me to stop but I can’t no no” when I first heard that bar I instantly knew this was my type of shit!
  2. Germ: “Patnah Dem” – When this album was released, Germ opened the Berrics to everyone to skate for a listening party, times I’ll never forget.
  3. Lil Cherry: “Pye Life” – One time in south korea I met up with this music group, Sauce Cartel, they introduced me to some of the most influential spots and people around throughout the night such as underground basement with live performances and more.
  4. Duke of Harajuku: “Wohx2” - Not many people listen to music based out of Japan or know many great artist from the area so here’s one of my favorites. He’s originally from Georgia but now lives in Tokyo.
  5. Lil Candy Paint: “Like You” – A new twist on the original song by Bow Wow but in my opinion this was better, plus I love a song with two parts to it.
  6. Matt Ox: “Genesis” – All I can say is if you don’t know, now you know! MATT OX IS THE FUTURE!
  7. Skilibeng: “Crocodile Teeth” – My mom was born in Jamaica the moved to the US and had three sets of twins including myself. Growing up the only music I knew was dancehall and other various Jamaican artists. Today this is my favorite.
  8. Tohji: “Yodaka” – If you love EDM this will blow your mind especially if you’re lucky enough to see this live.
  9. 454: “Late Night” - @squills on Instagram has a unique skateboarding style and when it comes to music he has the gift of an angel. Play this around loved ones.
  10. Zeloopers: “Only Fan” – End of the night type vibes when I play this, no matter if its in a car or skate sesh.
  11. Lil B: “Task Force” – This song feels like I’m letting you into my personal life so you’re welcome!
  12. Young Kayo: “Not in the Mood” – My friends came down from Osaka, Japan, to skate around California and we made a skate edit to this song. Also one of my favorite artists and there’s a whole clothing line behind this song. Very good idea!
  13. Bashfortheworld: “Rose Up” – Last but not least this is the current best artist of our time, don’t believe me? Just give it some time.

- Fisher

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