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Welcome Playlist No. 7 by Noah Mahieu

Some sweet tunes from our sweet French prince.
  1. Blair: “Promise” - Blair is one of my favorite bands and promise is probably the song I’ve listened to the most this past year.
  2. Elliot Smith: “First Timer” - This is the first Elliott smith song I’ve ever listened to and I love It.
  3. Mazzy Star: “Halah” - this song makes me nostalgic for some reasons. Impossible to get tired of it
  4. Salem: “Starfall” - I can’t really explain why I chose this one. Just fucking love it. Love to take a shower listening to this song.
  5. Big Country: “In A Big Country” - My dad showed me this song a few months ago and I’ve been listening to it almost every day since.
  6. My Bloody Valentine: “Slow” - I first wanted to put this song in my Free part then found one that was fitting better. You gotta love MBV.
  7. Type O Negative: “Red Water (Christmas Mourning)” - Red water is one of my favorite type o songs if not my favorite… just find the right moment and the right place, then listen to it.
  8. Nada Surf: “Popular” - I’ve never listened to this one without trying to sing the intro, which is pretty hard for a French guy like me to be honest.
  9. Jesu/ Sun Kill Moon: “fragile” - Fragile is kind of a sad song but I find it beautiful. To anyone who hasn’t listened to that album, I recommend it.
  10. Faster Pussycat: “House of Pain”- This is one the first songs that introduced me to glam metal. A true banger.
  11. Blink 182: “Voyeur” - One of the best blink182 songs. Makes me wanna shotgun as many beers as possible.
  12. I Hate Sex: “San Francisco” - I discovered this song not that long ago and I’ve been trying to learn it on my guitar.
  13. Mötley Crüe:” Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away)” - Another sick glam metal song. I don’t really got anything to say about it tho.
  14. Johnny Cash: “San Quentin” - I’ve been a fan of country music lately and all that San Quentin prison live is awesome… and that song is probably my favorite of that album. 

- Noah


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