Welcome Playlist No. 6 by Karl Berglind

A sonic loveletter from Sweden... enjoy!
  1. DJ Screw, K-Rino, Z-Ro: “The Game Goes On” - For some reason I would always listen to this song whilst driving back home after skating. Hits different in the car. 
  1. Yung L, WizKid: “Eve Bounce – Remix” - I was in Portugal last year with my dad skating and surfing every day and I always played Wizkid whenever he passed the aux. 
  2. St Germain: “Sure Thing” - My dad showed me this artist a couple years back and I swear he plays this song every time we’re in the car together. It became one of my favorites too.
  3. Subjoi: “VIP” - This is one of the first songs I added to my first house playlist and I never get tired of it. A lot of songs have been deleted but this one is not going anywhere. 
  4. Midland: “Final Credits” - Earlier this year I was in Des Moines for the Dew Tour comp. I felt super unmotivated but I when I first heard this song I remember my energy just flying through the roof. 
  5. Bert H, Elle Chante: “Gleams” - I can’t really explain this one more than it being my absolute favorite DnB song. 
  6. DJ BORING: “Like Water – Edit” - DJ Boring was one of the first artists I heard that really got me into house and techno. I went to one of his sets in Copenhagen a year or two later and he crushed it.
  7. Nick Holder: “Forever In A Daze” - Shoutout to Kolak from home. He showed me this track and how to mix music as well.
  8. RÜFÜS DU SOL: “Innerbloom” - I heard Rufus for the first time on my second trip to Australia a couple years back. We were on our way to this cliff jump spot in Sydney and we were blasting Rufus in the car. I had the Bloom album on repeat the next couple days after that. 
  9. David Hasert: “Lawri” - Found this song the night before I went to New York this summer. Grover Washington Jr on a techno track just works haha. 
  10. Yasin: “La Dame Bleue” - This one is my favorite Swedish song. Simple as that. 

- Karl