Welcome Playlist No. 5 by Daniel Vargas

This playlist isn’t something that I would necessarily put on during an hour drive, but more of a list of songs that shows the way my day progresses. Come take a ride, baby.

1. Michael Jackson: "The Way You Make Me Feel" - This song really sets the mood for my whole day, helps me wake up in a good mood and always gets me going. To me, this is a flawless song.


2. Mase: "Welcome Back" - I remember watching this music video as a kid wanting a t shirt with my face on it like Mase had, haha. This is just another feel good song.


3. Jill Scott: "A Long Walk" - Such a smooth and easy song to listen to, I’m probably drinking coffee and headed to a garage sale.


4. No Doubt: "Don't Speak" - My mom played a lot of No Doubt and Gwen when I was really young, it stuck with me ever since.


5. Lil Wayne: "Tha Mobb" - I could probably make a 5 hour playlist of the GOAT. I love that he started off his album with this song and put it before the album intro, just 5 minutes of straight rapping no chorus. This song helps me get ready to go skate or hit the gym.


6. 50 Cent: "If I Can't" - This is off one of my favorite rap albums of all time. If this chorus doesn’t hype you up to do anything, I don’t know what will.


7. JAY-Z: "U Don't Know" - Jay Z really just talking his shit here, slick talk.


8. UGK: "Wood Wheel" - I love how Pimp and Bun bounce off eachother. This song makes me want to whip a candy coated slab haha. RIP Pimp C.


9. Conway ft Benny the Butcher and Westside Gun: "Spurs 3" - While I love a lot of the rap music that is being put out today, I love that Griselda help bring back that gritty sound to the forefront again.


10. Orville Peck: "No Glory in the West" - The sun is setting, we’re done skating and im driving home (Orville Peck playing in the background)


11. Popcaan ft Drake: "ALL I NEED" - Some more vibes for the solo night drive. Song is good


12. The Weeknd: "Call Out My Name" -  I'm a big Weeknd fan! His range reminds me a lot of MJs.


13. Patsy Cline: "She's Got You" - Why do we listen to sad songs even when we’re happy? I don’t know, but I really like this song.


14. Frank Ocean: "Thinkin Bout You" - Frank is such an interesting and elusive human, I wish he would drop more frequently. Maybe have a nice drink to this song and wind down for the night.


15. Prince: "Nothing Compares 2 U" - I feel like some people don’t know, although Sinead O’Connor released this as her single, Prince wrote it. You can really feel the emotion that Prince put into his music, he’s definitely one of the GOATS.

The night has now come to an end, im blasting this song in my house, singing my heart out.

- Daniel