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Welcome Playlist No. 3 by Aaron Goure

As skateboarders we probably spend more time in the car driving from place to place than we actually do skating. For that reason I decided to make my playlist a road trip themed mix of songs that my friends and I have been listening to on our recent drives. A lot of these are also big inspirations for my own music that I’ve been producing the last few years.



  1. Shoreline Mafia, 03 Greedo, Drakeo the Ruler, Fenix Flexin: "Wake me up in Traffic" -This is usually the first song I play at the beginning of a drive. It really sets the mood and gets everyone juiced up, but by the end of drive it’s usually been played about 7 more times. By this time the group usually spit 50/50 on playing it back one more time, or never wanting to hear the song again haha. FREE GREEDO!!
  1. Buck Owens: "Streets of Bakersfield" - Honestly like a lot of our generation, if you asked me a couple years ago what kind of music I like, I would probably say “everything, except country”. But I think that’s because you hear so much poppy country garbage now that I assumed that was always the vibe.  I like this song a lot because it kind of broke that mindset for me, and introduced me too a world of music I hadn’t ever cared to listen to.
  2. ILOVEMAKONNEN: "Solo" -  I’ve always been a big Makonnen fan, I think he has a really unique vocal style for the type of music he makes. I actually had a chance to be his audio engineer and skate for his team he was going to start but it never ended up working out.
  3. Mariah: "Shinzo No Tobira" - This song just puts me instantly into a good mood. It’s an amazing song and was skated too by an amazing person and friend, Ryan Sublette (Pyramid Country’s Couchlock Odyssey). 
  4. Larry June: "Drive to Vegas" - My older brother put me onto Larry June, he’s got the smoothest beats always sounds like he’s laying his verse while laying back on a couch haha. Plus I’ve driven back and forth from PHX to vegas probably 200 times in the last couple years.
  5. Adeodat Warfield: "Night Sky" - the first time I heard this song was when Chris Milic skated to it in worship friendship and it was like nothing I’d heard before. It was what really introduced me to Ryan Sublette’s music, and he continues to blow my mind with his songs to this day.
  6. Drab Majesty: "39 by Design" - I’ve been listening to a lot of 80’s and 80’s inspired music lately. I love the spacey vocal style, and how the drums always slap.
  7. Dr Thraxxx, Big Fat Hikaru, Buck Einstein: "Excuse Me" - You know I had to include at least one Thraxxx track on here. I produced this beat in about 20 mins on a pyramid country trip, and then made my friends spit some nonsense over it in the closet studio. Turned out to be one of my favorites we’ve made yet haha.
  8. Lil B: "Ride" - Lil B is a legend, I like this song a lot because as a producer it’s super easy to over produce a beat and try to make it slap as hard as you can, but this beat is so minimalistic with barely any drums but still goes hard.
  9. Billionaire Black, Uno: "Costa Rica" - This song was an instant classic for me and takes me back to some good times.
  10. JAWS: "Driving at Night" -  I got put onto Jaws recently, haven’t dug too deep on them yet but everything I’ve heard so far is really good.
  11. Shy Glizzy: "Funeral" - Just go watch Jhett Brewers part in Dr. Scarecrow. 
  12. Moaning: "Ego" - This song just randomly showed up as a sponsored instagram post on my feed one day haha. I usually never pay any attention to those, but I’m glad I did.  
  13. Wintertime: "U Times 2" - love the beat on this song, and Wintertime has the most mellow flow in the game.
  14. Tracy Chapman: "Fast Car" - Me and Jon Pierce used to run this song back to back on drives, it’s also a fun one to karaoke.
  15. Future: "Codeine Crazy" - Probably one of my favorite Future tracks of all time. The beat was one of my main inspirations to get into producing rap music.

- Aaron

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