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The Welcome Office Presents "You Belong With Me" (Taylor Swift Cover)

Over the last year we discovered that the majority of people that work here can play an instrument. Additionally alot of us also admire Taylor Swift. To that end, we decided to make a music video for ourselves to celebrate Halloween. We had so much fun making it we wanted to share it in hopes it brings you a bit of joy in these dark times.

Wishing you a Spooky, Sexy Halloween!



Filmed and Edited by Richie Valdez

Jason Celaya (T-Rex) - Producer/Director

Shane Cox (Unicorn) - Synthesizer

Kellen Matsufuji (Mankind) - Vocals & Drums

Kevin Devine (The Undertaker) - Lead Guitar & Vocals

Tim Burkert (8-Bit Jason) - Lead Bass

Alex Asher (Obi-Wan Kenobi) - Rhythm Guitar

Myles Harrison (Lil' Businessman) - Bass Guitar

Jeremey Creed (Frog) - Rhythm Guitar

Nora Vasconcellos (Hammerhead) - Guest Vocals

Aaron Goure (Biker) - Sound Engineer

Kevin Murphy (Chief Brody)

Daniel Vargas (Spider-Man)

Nick Vold (Orville Peck)

Guest appearance by Chaz Costello of Choir Boy, Sculpture Club, & Fossil Arms

All participates were Covid 19 tested prior to filming.

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