L'escargetit: Welcome in Paris

Jake Yanko, Evan Mock, Ryan Townley, Daniel Vargas and Tim Debauche put the moves on Paris, France 

Filmed & Edited by Trevor Dare

Totem 2.0 and Early Grab Shape Review
Ryan Reyes, Ontrell Fisher, and Daniel Vargas test out our two newest shapes.
PHX spAM Home Movie
Warm hearts and a cold pool in the desert.
Mardi Gras with Nora for Jenkem

"Let's go see if they have any kittens in there... No, they don't have any kittens."

Will Blaty in Freedom Boardshop's "MMA"
Big Willy Style
Ryan Reyes - Welcome to Welcome
Today we officially welcome our long time friend Ryan Reyes to the family. Ryan has been on the peripherals of our camp since the very inception of Welcome. Ryan's sense of humor, taste in music and joyful approach to skating is at the core of what Welcome is all about. We hope his broomstick enchantments warm the cockles of your heart.
Jake Selover's "I'm Bored" Part for OJ Wheels
Jake brings his unique approach to a handful of LA spots.
Jake Yanko in Resident Skateshop's "Giddy"
Jakey boy filmed this entire part in one month while back home in Florida.
"Previously unseen! Outtakes from the movie 'Little Women' starring Emma Watson"
Featuring Cocona Hiraki, Lola Tambling, Shanae Collins, and Megan George.
Behind the Ad with Jake Yanko for Independent
The slash heard 'round the world... done with a broken vertebrae.
Aaron Goure's Pro Part for Krux Trucks
A delightful new part from the good Dr. Thraxx himself.
Welcome Presents Noah Mahieu in "Nephew"
How do you say "perfect style" in French?
Ryan Townley's "Pattern" Part
Ryan takes everything you love about his skating and dials it up a few notches. We promise you'll enjoy this part.
Sheezy's "Locked & Loaded" Part
Shanae Collins barrels head-on at the bowls and black-diamond banks of Oz.
Welcome Playlist No. 8 by Filthypond
  Wastee Monroe: “Houdni” – “They told me to stop but I can’t no no” when I first heard that bar I instantly knew this was my type of shit! Germ: “Patnah Dem” – When this album was released, Germ...
"Lucky 7s" with Ryan Townley on Monster Children
Andrew Peters grills Townhouse on his favorite things for our friends at Monster Children.
Monster Children "Bright Young Things" Interview Feature with Noah Mahieu
A profile and interview with our favorite Frenchman.
Karl Berglind in "Lunar Landscapes"
The smoothest of the smooth.
Thrasher Cold Call with Nora
Queen Nora casually destroying.
Welcome Playlist No. 5 by Daniel Vargas
This playlist isn’t something that I would necessarily put on during an hour drive, but more of a list of songs that shows the way my day progresses. Come take a ride, baby. - Daniel