Bottom view of intruder on evil twin black. Smiling face with hand protruding from forehead along with body with flower head raising up horned cyclops head. sage green color with pink/purple outline. white/pink warped welcome logo on tail.
Bottom view of graphic.
New! Evil Twin. Symmetrical shape that goes both ways. Nice, voluptuous, identical nose and tail. 6.75" on both ends. Designed to ride the same in either direction.
Up close view of tail welcome logo.
Up close view of bottom graphic.
Top view of board. green stain wood. Horned demon kid sitting with two pitchforks.
Up close view of top graphic. W engrained in forehead of skull.

Intruder on Evil Twin - Black - 8.5"

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New Evil Twin Shape!

Full twin symmetrical nose and tail.

8.5" x 31.95"

14.25" Wheelbase

Recommended truck size: 139mm or 149mm

Artwork by Jason Celaya, top graphic by Noel Boyt

Please note: we cannot accommodate requests for specific top stain colors.