Bottom view of daniel vargas thumper on effigy black/glitter foil. Multicolored rabbit with antlers over bed of black roses. Top half glitter foil, bottom half black. Nose of board welcome logo.
Up close view of thumper graphic.
Up close view of nose of board.
Different angle of thumper graphic.
Top view of board, yellow stain. Pink welcome logo on side.
Up close view of welcome logo.

Daniel Vargas Thumper on Effigy - Black/Glitter Foil - 8.8"

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Full-length prismatic glitter foil.

Custom shape designed and ridden by Daniel.

8.8" x 32.5"

14.6" Wheelbase

Rides like an 8.5” popsicle

Recommended truck size: 149mm or 159mm

Artwork by Jason Celaya

Please note: we cannot accommodate requests for specific top stain colors.