Bottom view of loo dood on wicked princess black. orange/purple cat with purple outlined creature sitting behind it. Cat eating something with body laying in front of it. Two cyan squares against black board stain. Nora vasconcellos written in purple color and font writing underneath graphic. Talisman logo on nose.
Up close view of bottom graphic.
Up close view of bottom graphic.
Top view of board, blue stained wood. Orange/yellow butterfly graphic over welcome logo.
Up close view of top graphic.

Loo Dood on Wicked Princess - Black - 8.125"

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Scaled-down version of Nora's "Wicked Queen" shape

8.125" x 31.6"

14.125" Wheelbase

Silver foil accents

Rides like an 8.0" popsicle

Recommended truck size: 139mm or 149mm

Artwork by Nora Vasconcellos & Jason Celaya