Aaron Goure - "Am Scramble" Rough Cut
All of the Goure footage your insatiable little heart desires.
"Wellspring" - Ryan Lay in Palestine
Welcome rider Ryan Lay is one of our favorite people in the world and one of the hardest working skateboarders you'll ever meet. He recently took a solo trip to Palestine with the help of his friends at Skate Pal and brought his unique approach to a ton of spots you've most likely never seen before.
Aaron Goure in "Am Scramble" 2019
Welcome rider Aaron Goure is guaranteed to please in the 3rd annual Thrasher "Am Scramble". If you watch closely you might even get a glimpse of his alter ego Dr. Thraxxx in the studio.
Hypebeast Diaries - Evan Mock
Hypebeast profiles Welcome rider Evan Mock with this video and interview.