Welcome Playlist No. 3 by Aaron Goure

"As skateboarders we probably spend more time in the car driving from place to place than we actually do skating. For that reason I decided to make my playlist a road trip themed mix of songs that my friends and I have been listening to on our recent drives. A lot of these are also big inspirations for my own music that I’ve been producing the last few years."

- Aaron

Welcome Playlist No. 2 by Shane Cox
At this point I think we have all agreed that, as years go, 2020 is the biggest shitshow in modern history. That said, even through the seemingly constant darkness there have been bright spots - the most notable of which has been a long overdue global awakening to issues of social and racial inequalities and injustices. Another area of light that has provided me some excitement, joy, and escapism has been, as it always is, new music. Despite everything, 2020 has still managed to be a great year for music, and I think we need that music now more than ever. Here are a few of my favorite songs that have been released since January...
Welcome Playlist No. 1 by Jason Celaya
As many of you know, music is a huge driver in the Welcome story. So this is the first of many playlists from the people who make Welcome what it is. Instead of just giving you a bunch of songs, we want to give you the specifics on why the selections either move us or what they have inspired. Hopefully we introduce you to something new and maybe less homogeneous than what you have been exposed to. We will keep each playlist 1 hour or shorter to make it a more curated list (1000s of important songs left off which we will get to over time).