Aaron Goure's Pro Part for Krux Trucks
A delightful new part from the good Dr. Thraxx himself.
The Making of "Seance" - Will Blaty & Aaron Goure
"You're about to be uplifted... to another realm!" - Aaron
Welcome Playlist No. 3 by Aaron Goure

"As skateboarders we probably spend more time in the car driving from place to place than we actually do skating. For that reason I decided to make my playlist a road trip themed mix of songs that my friends and I have been listening to on our recent drives. A lot of these are also big inspirations for my own music that I’ve been producing the last few years."

- Aaron

Moontrimmer 2.0 Shape Review by Aaron Goure
Aaron Goure reviews the Moontrimmer 2.0 shape. Will he be able to even skate it? It's not a "normal shape"... will he fit in? The kids want conformity super bad.
Aaron Goure - "Am Scramble" Rough Cut
All of the Goure footage your insatiable little heart desires.
Aaron Goure in "Am Scramble" 2019
Welcome rider Aaron Goure is guaranteed to please in the 3rd annual Thrasher "Am Scramble". If you watch closely you might even get a glimpse of his alter ego Dr. Thraxxx in the studio.